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October 16, 2023

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About us...

Infyra is a National level Tech Fest organized by Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology, Department of Information Technology. It is where the torrent of innovative minds meets the ocean of creativity, art, and talent. Here, witness the most exciting and exhilarating challenges compiled and crafted by our students which will bring out the best of yourself.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at this year's Infyra event! We're back with a lineup of exciting challenges and opportunities. Illuminate the future with your ideas in 'Illuminating Ideas' or design stunning interfaces in 'Iconic U & I.' Test your skills in debugging at 'Infinite Bug' or collaborate with teammates in 'Insync Coding.' Capture captivating moments in 'In Focus' and innovate business models at 'Innovate Chatter.' Dive into the world of anime with 'Imaginarium Anime.' Join us and make this year's Infyra unforgettable!



Bring out your hidden tech geniuse in this 24 hours hackathon by solving difficult problems faced by the Public.

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Tech Fest

Infyra is a National Level Tech Fest organized by the department of IT, where innovative minds meeets the ocean of creativity, art and talent.

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Technical Events

Non-Technical Events


October 16, 2023

Illuminating Ideas

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

In Focus

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

Iconic U & I

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

Innovate Chatter-Ji

1:00PM ~ 2:00PM

Infinite Bug

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

Isekai Quest

11:00AM ~ 1:00PM

Insync Coding

10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

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